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A Letter to my second yet unborn offspring

You will be favored in your time as it was not with me in my time. You will be born in a highly competitive society. One in which the children speak at their first birthdays (of course you to would), self learn, interact maturely at 5, do not go to ‘school’ because that old system of education has been proven a waste of time and resources and has evolved beyond the term. A world driven entirely by knowledge and competition even to access the most basic necessities. But do not be alarmed, you should be intrigued and inquisitive to pursue goals far beyond human current abilities. You should play with the world through constructive experimentation and observation. You have to aim for worlds yet unknown to mankind. You’ll have help since most of the theories about multiverses would have been proven. Quantum computation would be common place hence the possibilities would be next to endless. Time travel already exists in our time, so should this message fail to reach you when it’s due, I will eventually get it to you in time. You are going to be immersed into a world with artificial beings struggling to break the frontiers of artificial consciousness. You are to take lead of this field to keep it safe and under control and real-time monitoring of its advances. You will only find my current cars in properly managed museums. You would ride around using levitating sandals when you want to move while admiring the view, else you’d normally use the local quantum gates that use point to multipoint organic particle acceleration. Don’t be excited about the need to procreate. There will be an elaborate process setup to achieve that in all comfort and science. You can access designs of my future house by extrapolating and rendering information from your DNA drawn from blood from your left arm. Be careful about Turing’s test. There’ll be some quite advanced artificial beings hoping to learn as much as they can about completely beating it. I trust you’ll know when you come across such. You need to take them as subjects and draw from them new knowledge about how they envisage their further development. I’m afraid there’ll still be some form of governments trying to fight for personal gains then the welfare of the people. But I also know in your time, the knowledge economy would be the order of the day and you will become an influential entity in such organisations. You will have four hours of sleep each day but while you sleep you’ll strive to unravel the mysteries still unknown to our species. You will arrive at a time where the cryptocurrencies are common place and have been rebuilt to achieve the very purpose for which they were originally designed. A more stable cryptocurrency will achieve true wealth distribution, security, non-repudiation and finite supply. You’ll nearly be able to do transactions with your mind however primitively developed the concept will be. Actually I count on you to move research in that domain forward. You’ll not have a lot of friends just as anyone else in your community. The race would be on, it’s fine to be on the first line. If you have doubts about how I achieved time travel(which I highly doubt you would) you can check that information from your DNA. Whatever significant work you do make sure to save it in your DNA I assume by now you’d know how to do that and also that storage in the human genome is literally infinite. I believe the earth’s atmosphere would have become difficult to live under health wise. You can always move to Elon Musk’s new city on Mars. Oh say hi for me when you settle and you may appreciate his efforts but by no means be amazed by them. I believe that will become evident once you engage there. A secret I leave for you is that, ‘water’ is key to any developing organic entity. I don’t know if this makes any difference but if you can argue that everything on earth developed from some other preliminary element, I want to assure you that water didn’t. Although you’d talk about water as a compound and all that old school stuff, it’s crafted in such a divine way that it would be interesting for you to explore it’s very foundations. My daughter (of course it’ll be a girl, what did you expect. Hahaha.) be a fine offspring and lead the next century into its ultimate age. Look up to he through whom all things are made and by whom everything is what it is. Our role is simply to unravel and make come to pass all what he’s put in place. It’s about connecting the dots that are already there but not apparent to all, just a chosen few. What an exciting new age it’ll be, just know it’ll be the last of all ages. I long to participate and I hope all the conditions fit so that we can go through this together. You’ll find this message and it’ll be dated 30 years ago, if you see that it’s not the case find the fraudster or creator or such virtual presence of my note and bring him to question. Would be interesting to find other participants of time travelling in my time.

Your ever loving Dad.


A future both frightening and exciting

The technological advances made by the big tech companies today over the past ten years have been more than amazing, i’d say breath taking. A lot of new tools have been developed and a lot more are coming up each day. Almost every sector of human endeavor is changing. Health, finance, education, justice, sport, economy, religion, environment etc are all changing with recent advances in technology. We could soon be entering into a future exactly like what we are used to seeing in sci-fi movies or TV shows. Yes, it is coming and no one can stop it. Autonomous cars (like Michael knight in the movie knight2000), conversational agents and digital assistants (Like diana in Hitman silent assassin), smart cities, androids etc. All these developments however useful needs to be properly assessed for the task they are designed to accomplish. When we keep pushing the boundaries of what’s now possible, it’s not the human race advancing, but I think it’s a new form of civilisation (industrial) that is taking shape.

The true threat to society today lies in the advancement to artificial general intelligence. Once we can have an entity likened to our own by our very own, then there’s no telling which direction civilization will take. If we setup competition against such entities, we are bound to fail even before we can start preparing a proper response. Some outspoken figures on the subject have propose that there be a sort of singularity with these AI but again this would be very controversial as it conflicts in religion and individual convictions about why we people should merge with these artificial entities in order to keep a close eye on it. I believe it is important to democratize the development of AI and make sure we keep things on the right side. As nature will have it, there are always the ‘black hat’ guys roaming in the corridors and pushing the red buttons, but we must stay focused on developing safe AI. We must not be limited or dismiss the possibility of an eventual loss of control to the black hats, but we must be able to take back control when necessary. We build tools to make our lives simpler while we focus on other things that will make us fulfilled. My hopes are that we should be able to stay in control of our society irrespective of the magnitude of the wave of technological advancement. We were meant to have dominion over all things on earth and i hope it stays that way. There should be no other entity on this planet superior to our kind. It is our responsibility to make sure we always remain on the top of the food chain and every other chain that exists. True we are limited by slow biological evolution but there’s no telling how far we can go while we keep evolving, and that itself is dangerous for us. The future that lies ahead depends on the decisions we make today, it is scary and yet still exciting.


The cry of my youth to my eternal Father

As i continue my journey to the promised land, i am bombarded and drowned in the regulations and lifestyle of this world. I am not from it but yet i am in it. This world is getting more and more soaked with violence, promisquity, injustice, slandering. My youthfulness is more vulnerable to these now than ever before. In all these, Lord you remain faithful. Tilt my heart to keep looking up to you even when the world feeds on my youth.

As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.- Psalms 127:4

Give me strength that i may not rely on mine alone. Take me away from the sight of those who promote waywardness i pray thee. Though i face all the tribulations and trials today i pray that thee keeps me up. Lord remember not the transgressions of my youth and cast me not away from thy sight for i am weak but in you i am strong. Free my mind from the perverted desires of this world and let your law abide in me. My youth has been plagued with desires from the underworld but i cry unto thee to set me free from he who comes to kill, steal and destroy.

They die in youth, and their life is among the unclean. – Job 36:14

It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth. – Lamentations 3:27

Make my days an example that the youths of my days may follow and see your glory. Make my star shine and guide the other stars to shine to glory. Light my candle that i may use it to light those of the youths of my days. Spring my well that they may fetch from it as they see your glory through it.  If i be unworthy to come in your presence Lord, my fellow youths who look up to me will be also. But for thou art a merciful God and thy steadfast love endureth forever, thou shalt exhault his children above the temptations of this world into the eternal glories.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. – Psalm 23:4

Guide my feet into the way of peace i pray thee for i will seek first thy kingdom with the hope of every other be added unto me.

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. ! timothy 4:12

Hear my cry i pray thee.

The Pros and Cons with tech entrepreneurship in Cameroon.

Cameroon has for the past 5 years now experienced a significant growth in the interest of technology in some parts of the country, Buea (silicon mountain) being at the center of it all. The country has seen a few young energetic talents spring up from their 4 walled bedroom and throw amazing things at the world. These few are inspiring and leading many upcoming young ones to get involved and find interest in using tech to bring out innovative solutions for their community while upholding a bigger picture. However, there are some issues when people just get excited and feel they can just dive in without ‘doing their homework’. It sure takes a lot (time, money and strength) for talent to be recognized in this country and out to valuable use. I believe that innovation is not limited by a zip code, but that it’s value actually is. In this short first version of the post, i talk about the cons to this new frontier in the country and actors involved that need to be examined, questioned and mentioned.

Many people who are getting into tech entrepreneurship nowadays think it’s a prestige to be a tech entrepreneur seeing what the big names (Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Larry and sergey etc) have become. They don’t understand the effort it requires to make it work. This maybe due to lack of orientation from elder peers who have gone ahead and got the experience or just lack of communication with among themselves. Today @the university of buea and the catholic university (CUIB) most noted to be bringing out most of the so called ‘entrepreneurs’, every young freshman or even sophomore who owns a laptop and can program a computer in a language used in the 70’s now thinks he or she can automatically be a tech entrepreneur like Gates or Zuckerberg and the rest. They don’t sit down and actually reflect on the requirements of their society in order to identify what technology can yet address and what it can’t address. This is a problem as such an approach generally leads to failure because it is like failing to plan, which is planning to fail. You have failed before you even start when you adopt such an approach, which unfortunately is what over 95% of the youths around here (Cameroon) do. They just set out to start building a solution without like i always say, ‘doing their homework’. Consequently they end up building useless solutions nobody ever wants or uses. This is because they practically used the wrong approach or did it at the wrong time. It is important to have a thorough knowledge on the operating sector before using tech to address a problem. Sometimes many people just think they can use a tech solution to solve a problem when the community actually isn’t welcoming the tech. This causes many people to waste time and energy for things that would otherwise have been addressed differently. Technology entrepreneurship in our community suffers a lot from isolationism. Many tech geeks around aspiring to be entrepreneurs don’t actually understand the importance of team work. Most of them are in the francophone zones and have this tendency of working alone like a lone wolf. It makes it very difficult or takes a long time for the solution to be realized, if at all it does. Some usually use this argument when asked why they preferred working alone, ‘my idea will be stolen from me’. Now i ask this question, ‘How many messaging applications can we find for example?’ This is an example to show that ideas are nobody’s property and whether you share it or not, just rest assured that another has it. There are over 7 billion people out there over 20% have the skill to think and realize what you are thinking. When you share it, you even have a better chance of making something new from it. Isolationism is not what we should practice in a successful tech entrepreneurship venture.

Tech entrepreneurs are a generation of connected entrepreneurs. This means that access to basic and reliable internet connectivity is key. Tech entrepreneurs need to stay up-to-date with the trends in their various domains and this requires stable and reliable internet connectivity. One should be able to afford internet the same way one buys soap from the local store. This is not the case in the country at the moment. Prices are still exorbitant for the most people and efficiency/reliability hangs around 30%. This is a key problem to tech entrepreneurship in this country. The  major providers MTN, Orange, NexTel seem to be out exclusively to make their profits not caring about the customer service they need to provide. They are still making the profits but aren’t serving the consumers with what they are asking at at optimal rate. These are the actors slowing down the tech ecosystem in the country. Soon they try to camouflage it with startup competitions for tech entrepreneurs when in fact they can’t give proper follow-ups and respect deadlines, let alone provide seamless access to local technology resources used by entrants.

Since it is mostly youths who are getting involved in tech entrepreneurship, they are yet to understand their ecosystem and accept the reality about it before getting into building their solutions.We have a political and economic situation based on the theory of ‘conservation of power’. One which requires you to have a handler in a given sector for your affairs to move ahead. The government’s role in every society is to ensure the atmosphere, whether political, economical or social is conducive for people to build businesses that attract investors and bring jobs. It is reported in the US that  Silicon Valley companies(tech companies) have contributed to more than  25% of the country’s employment rate and these companies are even employing people oversees. In Cameroon tech entrepreneurship is not something the government is paying attention to until recent when they hear of few youths proving their worth, then they may be willing to pay more attention to that sector. They are hindering the development of the tech ecosystem with the high levels of corruption and unnecessary legislation. The law for SMEs in the country is still not good enough to favor tech entrepreneurship in the country. One of such is the idea of ‘PATANTE’ as they call it. This due should not be imposed upon young starting tech entrepreneurs but the government can setup operational inspectory units to see that these people are really willing to build something useful.

In general, some tech solutions can’t be applied to the current context in the country. One needs to look outside the triangle to calculate it’s dimensions, then go in and label them. While all these things obscure the future of tech entrepreneurship in the country, there are a few pros as well, and we will be looking at those in my next post.

Embezzlement’s optimal solution that needs to be sincerely applied in Africa

Embezzlement is an act withholding assets for the purpose of conversion (theft) of such assets, by one or more persons to whom the assets were entrusted, either to be held or to be used for specific purposes – WikiPedia

Embezzlement is a cancer-worm that plagues basically every nation in the world. The effects are heavier on some countries/continents (notably Africa) than on others. You will be surprised to realize how dishonesty causes the interruption of execution procedures setup to recover from some of the alleged cases. Africa has the highest rate of non-recovery from such situations than any other continent in the world. The effect of such an act has a ripple effect whose multiplier effect can cause great loss to certain sectors of the economy. The effects can be from a few people becoming unemployed overnight to entire enterprises collapsing and governments toppling.

Most often we hear of embezzlement cases where the perpetrators are said to end in prison but without any further details as to the recovery of the alleged assets/funds stolen. Even information as to the dissipation of the assets/funds involved are not usually disclosed.

Imprisonment without further action has little impact on the perpetrator but rather is a cost on the given government when carrying out the activity. The optimal solution therefore is the seizure of all assets/funds of the perpetrator that sums up to the tune of the totality of the assets/funds embezzled  plus damage fees evaluated by experts to have caused the state/institution in question. Consideration may be allowed for the recovery of these resources over a strict period of time if a jail term isn’t given, but the rule must be applied to completion. The perpetrator should not be allowed to be set on any post of responsibility which grants him/her access to a threshold magnitude of management and in fact should be imposed the status of an ex-convict which will automatically restrict access to certain positions in any given institution. With such a legislation in place, i believe cases can be handled more credibly and institutions can recover faster from such malpractices. The issue is not that such an approach hasn’t been envisaged or conceived, but again it is due to the selfishness and dishonesty of those in the position to apply the rules. Private institutions need a more stronger and reliable handler to handle such cases within environment and not always have to lookup to government handler.

WebHosting – Shared Hosting VS VPS deep down.

Web Hosting is something that has become mainstream in society today. Every web developer, no matter the skillset or technology  needs to host his application at some point in time whether to test, run a prototype or even go on production. Most often we look for an optimal solution and usually find that, getting hosting via well-established providers is the best option or at least more convinient and cheaper. One could as well setup his own server and register to become a stand alone service provider, but this would take much time. We definitely don’t always have the luxery of time and so go ahead with ready made services already available and gaining popularity. Different hosting providers provide hosting services at varied costs with a host of service ranges. All the technical details about a given package are not always elaborated early enough so developers may realise at one point in time that their packages don’t offer certain required services for their application. This can be frustrating atimes and just need package upgrading or host change. Every hosting service provider needs to provide customer support via a live handler to be the most efficient and competitive on the market. Users should be able to request full details of the given package before purchase which is currently not available from all the hosting providers i have had a chance to go through. Hosting providers do have contact numbers or emails given the number of clients they may have to respond to. However, responding in real-time is key. Two commonly used packages for clients are Shared Hosting (SH) and VPS (Virtual Private Server).  SH is mostly used to host small websites like blogs, showcasings, personal websites, magasines, product directories. VPS are used for much larger and more intense websites like social webapplications, gaming sites, dating sites, search engines, streaming websites, basically heavy multimedia content sites , e-commerce sites etc. VPS allows users in some cases to customize right upto the operating system clients may want to use. SH are bound only to use the servers provided with minimal configuration. VPS can allow users to install third party softwares and to be able to configure them at ease. Providing information about the various capabilities to potential users is very important for their integration process. Users need to be able to understand completely the requirements of their application inorder to choose a hosting provider that meets their needs. This decision partly relies on what information the hosting providers provide for their potential clients.  Generally people will go for VPS due to the flexibility of their applications and complex nature in it’s deployment and resource availability to run seamlessly for their own clients. SH will be suitable for small footprint applications requiring minimal resources and minimal personal intervention on the issued server’s configuration. SSL certificates are also another thing which are configured differently for VPS and SH. SSL certificates can be acquired from a CA but they work differently on SH and on VPS. [See your provider for more details about ssl on your hosting package].  Other useful features for developers in a hosting package are;

  • ftp
  • ssh
  • domain transfer
  • cpanel

A particular attention should be paid to the capabilites of SSH in SH vs VPS particulary the unavailability of a root account in the SH environment. The root account or a basic account for the VPS permits access to high level operational commands like whois, telnet, which, sudo etc. These are absent for SH environment. The functionalities are limited in SH than in VPS for ssh. ftp configuration and the rest function similarly for both hosting packages.

It is worth considering this fact and choosing very carefully for the most optimal package before hosting your applications. Some popular hosting providers include





Popularity sometimes leads to low quality of service or customer support. Do well to evaluate your options before engaging a hosting package with the given provider.

measure twice, cut once. – unknown


Those who rule the internet

The internet they say, belongs to no one. True as they say. The true potential of the internet is something that grows over time. However, there are some key players in the game of the internet. Whenever, the term internet is mentioned, people think of the world wide web. And as it stands there are key players who run significant portions of the web. To begin with and not to mention the least, the very wordpress used to run this blog runs about 25% of the web. Below is a list of a few key players who run the web. One could even say they control the web because some of them are engaged in the technologies that push the web to the bleeding edge.This list is by no means in any order of priority and is non exhaustive.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Yahoo
  • Pinterest
  • Forbes
  • torrents (general torrents)
  • WordPress
  • Craigslist
  • Paypal
  • Bestbuy
  • Mozilla
  • ebay

Many more are driving the web and we can say in summary that every web application or site contributes a part of the web and controls it in its own way. We just give tribute to those who make significant contributions to its growth and development, those who define and maintain the standards.