Women’s role in society as originally designed, deep down

A couple of weeks ago, i walked into a restaurant with my homies down town an economic milieu to grab lunch for the day. Cool was the weather and calm was the environment when we placed our orders to a waiter who strangely was a Senegalese man. While our various different orders were being processed, there placed was a 20th century analogue display displaying images of an information canal directly from a far countryside. This was the foreign news about the recent happenings on foreign land and the various negotiating treaties taking place in a bid to end the global violence among the nations involved. Then surfaced Angela Dorothea Merkel on the display, yeah she looked the same as ever, commanding authority when she mounted the stage to deliver words that would steer the union in a given direction momentarily. I could say it was a tradition passed on in the german society but this looked a little different. Something hasn’t been right about it all these years (11 years now). She was the first female chancellor and has been so for the past 11  years now. She plays a central role in the EU and has a huge influence over the other member states. She obviously took part in the Brexit of summer fall later this year as another of her kind (Theresa May) takes over the United kingdom. I forgot what her topic of discussion was back then but one of my homies from earlier raised a concern about the place of women in society. As controversial as the topic may be, it is worth considering and looking back at what is said from ‘first principles’. Being all Christians, we decided to look back into our ‘first principles’, the Bible. Then we stumbled upon this part of it, 1st Timothy 2:11 – 19 or so. This spurred concern amongst us and we started to reason around that considering other instances in the Bible where women played roles similar to merkel’s . We know of the queens both good and bad in the time when God was closest to man in spirit. Of the good ones was Esther who became queen to King Ahasuerus, who through her position and grace was able to liberate her people from the oppression and manipulation of the commander of the armed forces. She heeded to the wise words of her ‘father’, Mordecai and was able to plan the liberation of her people under oppression and subjection. The other queens used their position rather in very evil ways and were most often responsible for the man’s fall. The examples are many in the Holy book e.g Joseph and Potiphar, Samson and the women, David et al, etc. These women exerted some form of authority over the men under their rule which we found to be against the laws in place by the scriptures.

Given the scriptures we think it has been made clear, the role of the woman in the society of men and that is what we believe in. In our society today, we need to redefine the roles that women may play as it is according the law of the holy book. We find it clear that for a woman to preach the wisdom of God (the gospel), it is not right. However, as to whether women should lead entire institutions or nations in the midst of men as it is currently happening these days (in IMF, WORLD BANK, UK, Tokyo-Japan, GERMANY, LIBERIA, BRASIL well no longer, US maybe soon enough), is what the controversy on this issue is all about and i leave it to you to express yourself on that. We find growing concepts like feminism, equality and what have you that are steering more and more women into this deceitful pedagogy. All these we think are false preaching that are just looking like the norm today and which we need to meditate to be revealed the truth. Let no man be deceived for in the days to come, we shall hear and see things of all sorts. Only with steadfast prayer and meditation can we be revealed the truth.

Let me know what your thoughts on this issue is and we can share our different views and be able to grow together.


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