Those who rule the internet

The internet they say, belongs to no one. True as they say. The true potential of the internet is something that grows over time. However, there are some key players in the game of the internet. Whenever, the term internet is mentioned, people think of the world wide web. And as it stands there are key players who run significant portions of the web. To begin with and not to mention the least, the very wordpress used to run this blog runs about 25% of the web. Below is a list of a few key players who run the web. One could even say they control the web because some of them are engaged in the technologies that push the web to the bleeding edge.This list is by no means in any order of priority and is non exhaustive.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Yahoo
  • Pinterest
  • Forbes
  • torrents (general torrents)
  • WordPress
  • Craigslist
  • Paypal
  • Bestbuy
  • Mozilla
  • ebay

Many more are driving the web and we can say in summary that every web application or site contributes a part of the web and controls it in its own way. We just give tribute to those who make significant contributions to its growth and development, those who define and maintain the standards.


A route to success

Over time, almost every decade since the early 50’s some young/teenage geniuses emerge in the technology scene and game changing companies are born. The trend still lives on these days but is becoming less common. It seems like the big sharks are somewhat frustrating the engaging spirit in youngsters.

The originators/founders of these game changing ideas most often build them in dorm rooms or pretty much in 4 walled rooms. Their origins are usually from the less privileged quarter of the population. So it is that most  exceptionally gifted children are usually born of   non-exceptional parents. these children tend to follow their passion and embrace their condition. This allows them to focus on the goal rather than the circumstances.

“Your will will remain when you are able to focus on your goals and not the circumstances that surround you. Those circumstances can only cause you to abandon your life changing dreams and may make you miss the opportunity if you focus on them. You always should look up to the big picture you laid for yourself every time you fall so that it may give you strength to wake again and continue.”- Larry Akah.

This is one of several approaches one can use to remain on the line and always keep head high in order to succeed. It is a common characteristic amongst the successful individuals society has had and continues to have.